The Appreciating Church approach to AI training has been developmental and organic, reviewing and learning as the project developed.

Since the start of the process in Spring 2014, the training programme has engaged more than 200 people across the partner denominations and beyond.

This experience has led to the emergence of the following programme which continues to be refined:

Step one:

Attendance at a Taste of AI two-day workshop delivered by an accredited Appreciating Church AI facilitator

Step two:

SIx to nine months of AI practice, during which the participant keeps in touch with their AI mentor.

Step three:

Attendance at a Developing Your AI Practice course (three-day residential). Each participant brings with them an AI project of some kind which they work on with others during the event.

Step four:

Opportunities for further practice, including acting as an apprentice trainer/facilitator for Taste of AI before taking the lead role as co-trainer

Step five:

Apprentice to a trainer for Developing Your AI Practice, and then lead sessions as a co-trainer.


The Appreciating Church certification process is currently under development. Plans include awarding certificates for professional development as an Appreciating Church trainer.

  • Participation in the Taste of AI workshop
  • Completion of the Developing your AI Practice programme
  • Completion of the Taste of AI apprenticeship process
  • Completion of Developing your AI Practice co-facilitation

 The certificates of competence in the different areas will be awarded in conjunction with Appreciating People through observation and discussion of practice. 

This programme is subject to being reshaped by new ideas, as highlighted in the next section.

Further developments under consideration:

Recent AI experience has highlighted the need for three further elements.

  1. The importance of creating and introducing a practical one-day workshop on developing appreciative questions and protocols. This will take place during the AI practical experience period between Taste of AI and Developing your AI practice. This workshop opportunity is currently under development, and will be made available in due course.
  2. The value in requiring the submission of an AI project example of practice as a precursor to attendance on the Developing Your AI Practice course. The added bonus of this will be the possibility of including these examples on this web site as examples of practice.
  3. The creation of a very practical and accessible one day AI experience workshop for church people “wishing to put their toe in the water”. This workshop would be accompanied by a practical AI booklet with simple AI exercises for use in church settings. This workshop and accompanying workbook is currently under consideration and is likely to include a Welsh edition.