Revd Elizabeth Gray King

Revd Elizabeth Gray King

Revd Elizabeth Gray-King

Born in the USA, Elizabeth has been living in the UK for 40 years.

With degrees in fine art, theology and education, she has always been a professional painter and illustrator. Ordained as a United Reformed Church Minister in 1988, Elizabeth is employed part-time as the URC Education & Learning Programme Officer.

She spends the rest of her time painting, exhibiting, and frequently working as Artist in Residence in conferences, and teaching project management).

Her work comes out of this entire context.  The pieces used in this website have arisen from listening to conversations at events and within particular congregations.

All artwork © Elizabeth Gray-King |

Works featured on this website:

Wrapped In Hope

Pencil and pen on cartridge paper, 29.7 x 42.0cm
Theological Reflection, London Churches Social Action Day Seminar,
Towards a Common Voice on Migration

Listening to migration stories all day, I heard of refugees being welcomed, the gathering in ghettos, then stigmatisation, then finally being creative as borders broke down.  The hope is for full creative communities. The flow of walking people come from the left hand side of the image, and the conversation group come from the inclusive community on the right hand side of the image.

Details featured on Our Story and Key Assumptions.

Living Water

Oil on three canvas panels, 80cm x 300cm
Theological Reflection, United Reformed Church General Assembly 2012
A complex combination of sessions and issues, this ended up being a more unified work than anticipated. The red detailed people and the conversation group at the table come from the left hand canvas, focused on arrival, and the work the nominations committee, grateful for service of the people of God.  The circles of people come from the middle panel, where specific committees and groups reported their work.  The circles indicate like minded people, gathered to share passion, commitment and skills toward a common mission.

Details featured on Your AI Stories, 3 Tools, and Our Approach.

Rural Christianity

Pen and Pencil on paper, 26cm x 38cm
Theological Reflection, Effective Rural Presence Conference 2016

From left to right, I heard stories of people coming from everywhere into the countryside and of making tea being a hospitable presence in itself. We heard about the Common Good, when and where people move from their own communities to encourage and engage all, sacred or secular.  We heard of fine ecumenical and children's work in Cumbria. The cups and groups come from the far right hand side, depicting future visions.

Detail featured on Helpful Hints.


Oil on oak, decoupage and canvas, 60cm x 120cm
Commissioned by the Church at Carrs Lane, Birmingham to celebrate a new ecumenical partnership,

Tabernacle is made from one church's communion table top and the other's photographs.  These were connected via canvas and paint to depict the multi-cultural community of Carrs Lane and the long held passion for inclusion and justice.  All become merged with  energy propelling the people, the people carrying energy, the buildings holding the people at many points. As the people move on, the new canvas holds images of the old buildings, glowing in some people’s memory, but not in everyone’s memory. By the right hand side, it ends and continues. The people become less distinct, telling us that we can’t know the future. Yet this is all somehow uphill, a hopeful unknowing.  The groups of people image comes from that right hand side.

Detail featured on Essential Benefits.