Some helpful hints for using AI:

  • AI is the first cousin of positive psychology, rather than being about positive thinking.
  • It offers up its greatest benefits when seen as a way of being,  by working from the principles
  • It does not ignore problems but looks at them from a different perspective
  • At its best it is generative and transformational
  • Ideally before using it, take some AI training to feel comfortable and fluent with the approach. If that is not possible then ‘start small’ by asking different and appreciative questions
  • Practice using AI interview questions (protocols).
  • AI will be particularly useful where learning and sharing of best practice is a key objective
  • Taking time on the Definition stage from the 5D model is useful in defining a topic for the inquiry

What are the essential benefits?

There are a number of well documented benefits of using AI:

  • The emphasis on ‘building on what works’ and on people’s strengths is energising.
  • The assumptions lying behind it contribute to its generativity
  • It encourages co-creativity, co-design, and an understanding of the whole system.
  • It fosters solutions and actions that are “owned”.
  • It encourages personal and organisational resilience and well- being.